Saturday, June 27, 2009

Upcoming Events and Stockings

Over the next month I'm working on getting the store up and going again. There have been some slight changes that I think only I will notice but the biggest change is that the price of YYMH spots has gone down. As I've been getting faster at tunisian, it takes me less time to finish a pair (though I'm keeping the 3 week buffer so I can spend more time with the family) of woolies and so I pass that savings on to you.

Soft opening is July 1st with two YYMH spots opening up for August. I'm changing things around a little so I can focus specifically on offering more YYMH spots and more in-stock woolies. We'll be having a grand opening in August with some instock sets, a lotto, and a HC$ auction. More to come on that.

It's nice to be getting the hook out and creating again :)

WAHM Stimulus Package: banding together to help

The current economy has made it tough on everyone to not only purchase the luxury items we want but even the basic items we need. People who want to support work at home moms and dads by purchasing beautifully crafted toys, pottery, diapers, lotions, cleaners, accessories... the list goes on and on... are being forced to make the decision between spending the extra money on these items or purchasing lesser cost items from big brand stores to save money.

The WAHP (work at home parent) community is dedicated to providing these quality hand made items for you and right now, as part of that commitment, we are banding together to offer our wares with discounts to help you, the customer, be able to continue providing unique and lovingly made goodies for your family in these stressful times.

Living Water Boutique will be offering our own WAHM Stimulus Package. Everything listed below will be applied to your order from Living Water Boutique:

~ use the code "blog" to receive 15% off your entire order (including custom orders)
~ free first class shipping to anywhere
~ YYMH slots will be reduced by an additional 20%

We all hope and pray that the economy picks back up and the struggles that so many are facing right now will soon be just a memory but until then, these discounts will be in place.