Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink Cheeks

It's finally done! My project that started at Stitches West last year has finally come to a finish. I purchased this roving from Miss Babs' booth last year with big plans for it.

100% BFL in Pink Cheeks

This was partially spun on a drop spindle but when I got Gretchen (yup, that's what I named my wheel) I transferred the singles to her bobbin and finished the spinning on her.

The it was on to plying. I had planned on plying this with pearls strung on cobweb merino but the merino proved to be too weak so that go scrapped. The I tried with crochet cotton but the amount of time it was taking vs. the results just weren't proving beneficial. So I spun up 100 yards of beaded yarn that will turn into some sort of airy scarf probably and the rest turned into this:

About 390yds of fingering weight yarn that is getting sent off to GnaS (from Ravelry) to be made into a Clapotis like scarf.

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