Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

Well... it came and it went. We did Mother's Day brunch yesterday and it was wonderful. A place called Chipotle's in Morgan Hill. Reminded me of Freebirds in Isla Vista (the UCSB college community) but healthier... awesome!

This morning, the little boy woke up feeling not so hot and since I had to get to church early, it was on daddy's shoulders to get the kids to church. They never made it... little man was too sick. That's ok, it was kinda nice not having to worry about whether the kids were having fun or the baby was crying or what the nursery workers were going to do with her cloth diaper when they go to change LooLoo. I came home, we had leftovers for lunch... yay :) Then, I laid the baby down and the big girl and I went off to Marshalls and Joann's (they're next door to each other, it's great). Picked up a much needed bra... funny how little things like that become really exciting when you normally have to spend your clothes budget on uniforms for the kids. Then went to Joann's to pick up materials for two skirts that have been floating around in my head that I reeeeaaaally want to see come alive.

Once we got home, the little man was asleep on the couch and daddy was no where to be found. I listened to Loo's door and realized she was awake (talking to herself -- so cute!) so I went in and found daddy asleep on little man's bed and the baby crawling on him. Gotta love it.

Turns out daddy's sick too... bummer.

So we had Trader Joe's orange chicken, love that stuff, and steamed broccoli and purple cabbage with an asian sauce and rice. I had to cook but it was simple enough and it tasted so dang good!

So, did you all have a good Mother's Day?

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